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Membership Book List

Karen Baker Vocal Exercises in Stone (Rattlesnake Press, 2005)
Ed Bearden Riding the Tractor (Black Pan Press, 2014)
Roberta Bearden On the Museum Steps (Black Pan Press, 2014)
Stella Beratlis Alkali Sink (Sixteen Rivers Press, 2015)
Lynn M. Hansen Flicker (Quercus Review, 2014)
Louise Kantro Dwellingplaces (Pudding House, 2010)
Tom Myers The Lost Language of Birds (Redfruit Press, 2009)
Gordon Preston Violins
Pieces of Monterey
(Finishing Line Press, 2004)
(Finishing Line Press, 2013)
Salvatore Salerno Sunleaf: Poems 1975-85
(Infinity Publishing, 2001)
(Walden West, 2014)
Sarah Stevenson The Latte Rebellion
The Truth Against the World
(Flux, 2011)
(Flux, 2013)
(Flux, 2014)
Gillian Wegener Lifting One Foot, Lifting the Other
The Opposite of Clairvoyance
(In the Grove, 2001)
(Sixteen Rivers Press, 2008)