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Modesto Poetry Festival 2016


Each year in February we organize and hold an all-day poetry festival featuring workshops, readings, and a featured poet. This year, our featured poets were Heather Altfeld and Troy Jollimore.

We are also proud to congratulate our winning poets from the 2015 festival’s poetry contest. Names and winning poem titles are listed below by category. Thank you to everyone who attended for making this year’s event another success!

Bird Life

1st     Linda Toren for untitled poem

2nd    Lynn M. Hansen for “Gleaners”

3rd     Nancy Haskett for “Deception”

Honorable Mentions:

Carol Louise Moon for “A Jay in the Cane”
Roberta Bearden for “Birds Play a Triolet”


1st     Ann Bailey for “Salinas”

2nd    Lynn M. Hansen for “Boundary Waters

3rd     Laura Bayless for “Trees”


1st     Louise Kantro for “Waiting for a Sign

2nd    Laura Bayless for “Seacoast Passage”

3rd     Linda Marie Prather for “Dry Creek, June 19

Honorable Mentions:

1st HM     Pat Egenberger for “Yosemite High Country”
2nd HM    Carol Quinlan for “Suburban Ride”
3rd HM     Ed Bearden for “Afterward … that first morning”

Play Ball

1st     Nancy Haskett for “Baltimore: April 29, 2015”

2nd    Lynn M. Hansen for “What Does It Mean To Throw Like A Girl?”

3rd     Carol Quinlan for “Kids at the Hoop

Honorable Mentions:

1st HM     Laura Bayless for “Summer Shenanigans”
2nd HM    Cleo Griffith for “Football Field, November”

Trails and Paths

1st     Cleo Griffith for “I Taught You Shoes (For Elizabeth)”

2nd    Ed Bearden for “A Short Ride

3rd     Karen Mitchell for “Wrong Paths”

Honorable Mentions:

1st HM     Gordon Preston for “Car Lights”
2nd HM    Ann Bailey for “North Trail Calaveras”
3rd HM     Salvatore Salerno for “One Foot After the Other”